by Elbert A. Smith

Here is a book published as a memorial to the great patriarch of the Church, Elbert A. Smith. Following his death May 15, 1959, his son Lynn and his daughter-in-law Lorene completed the revisions of his earlier autobiography, On Memory’s Beam, and made available additional chapters written by Brother Elbert. They also wrote the final chapters which summarize the final days and experiences of this well-known father of the Church.

After the manuscript was completed, it was decided to use the title Brother Elbert, for it is the title by which he was known throughout the Church and the one he most preferred.

This book, while not primarily a history book, presents a view of the Church over the past half century and lends insight to history by presenting many behind-the-scenes events which are not found in any other book.

Within these pages are presented the author’s viewpoint toward life. A good wholesome philosophy is implicit in it. It will bring to aged readers a recollection of events that are dear to their hearts; it will bring to the young an understanding of the Church that cannot be obtained through any other source. It saves for future generations many precious events that would otherwise be lost.

You will enjoy reading the life of "Brother Elbert."