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3 New Books from Newbookman!

We have 3 new books or booklets for the Saints.

1. EACH ONE WIN ONE by Apostle D. T. Williams. This 1949 booklet encouraged men, women, boys, and girls to become missionaries to their families, friends, and neighbors. Updated and edited, it has excellent application for use in today's society. 59 pages. $5.00
2. TOWER COOKERY is a reprint of a 1950 cookbook by the Graceland College Mothers Club. The recipes are handwritten and autographed by the 323 contributors--including Mrs. Elbert Smith, Mrs. Arthur Oakman, Mrs. Israel A. Smith, Tess Morgan, Mrs. E. J. Gleazer, Mrs. Gustav Platz, Mrs. Walter Johnson, etc. (a "who's who of Graceland and RLDS personalities). 388 pages. $15.00
3. SLICES OF DAILY BREAD contains 40 meditation thoughts selected from the 1950 Daily Bread. This booklet is excellent for personal meditation, family worship, morning devotions, sermon starters, classroom illustrations, etc. It includes verses from the Inspired Version, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. 44 pages. $4.00

To order, call Paul (816) 210-8450 or e-mail to Go to to see information on thousands of RLDS books that are available.

Wholesale pricing for everyone—extended through December 31, 2016!
Buy 12 books and get 10% discount.​​
Buy 24 books and get 20% discount.