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4 More New Books for the Saints


These and other new books produced by Paul V. Ludy & Associates are available at wholesale pricing for all:  “Mix or Match” 12 or more and get a 10% discount.  “Mix or Match” 24 or more and get a 20% discount.  Call Paul for information and to order—816 210-8450


Original Title: “The Priest in Family Ministry”

by L. F. P. Curry


This booklet contains a wealth of information to assist priests in their ministry.  Contents include “The Family and the Restoration,” “The Family and the Kingdom of Heaven,” “Family Duties,” “The Meaning and Methods of Ministry,” “Co-ordinating the Work of the Priest and Other Standing Ministers,” and “The Priest’s Place in the Church.”  102 pages.




by Lorne S. White


Preaching from the Scriptures, “feeling” the sermon, using outlines and illustrations, and speaking with good posture and clear reading.  These and many other topics are explored in this booklet. 

First printed in 1947, it has 60 pages.  Every priesthood member should read and use the information contained in this manual.




“A Journey toward the Kingdom of God”


Written by a 13-year-old girl in the style of The Pilgrim’s Progress to encourage young people in their quest for the Kingdom of God.  The adventure of a lifetime!  Enjoyable reading for children and adults.  It includes many verses at the bottom of pages from the Inspired Version, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants.  44 pages.





This is a revised edition of material originally published in 1963 by the San Francisco Bay District.  It

has 21 lessons (with questions for discussion) covering the purpose of life, God, spiritual gifts, the Scriptures, authority, Zion, sin, ordinances, principles of the gospel, stewardship, revelation, salvation, the Church, apostasy, and restoration.  120 pages.

$8.00 ($7.20 each when ordering 12 or more; $6.40 each when ordering 24 or more)





Album of Ministers and Workers, reprint of 1904 photo album, 82 pages, $10.00                                

Autobiography of Christiana Stedman Salyards, 56 pages, $5.00

Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers, four stories, 98 pages, $5.00

Call of Christ in an Age of Dilemma, The, by Arthur A. Oakman, 64 pages, $5.00

Early Church Romance, An, Oliver Cowdery and Elizabeth Ann Whitmer, 36 pages, $3.50

Elizabeth Blair: A Daughter of the Covenant, the wife of W. W. Blair, 36 pages, $3.50

Endowment Series, The, by Arthur A. Oakman, 144 pages, $5.00

Exegesis of the Priesthood, An, by Gomer T. Griffiths, 154 pages, $10.00

Good Things to Eat from Old Nauvoo, by Theo Boyd, 67 pages, $5.00

Hymnsmiths, by children and grandchildren of Emma and Joseph Smith, compiled by Paul V. Ludy, 44 pages, $3.50

Indeed the Church of Jesus Christ, the statement of John Evans, 28 pages, $3.00

Introducing the Book of Mormon, by R. S. Salyards, Sr., and Elva T. Oakman, 40 pages $3.50

J. C. Clapp, Man of Valor, from his memoirs, 40 pages, $3.50

J. C. Clapp, Valiant Missionary, from his memoirs, 56 pages, $5.00

John Brush, Eyewitness of Church History, from his memoirs, 44 pages, $3.50

Mark Forscutt, Memorable Minister and Musician, 40 pages, $3.50

Marvelous Manifestations of God’s Power in the Latter Days, compiled by Edward Rannie, 96 pages, $5.00

Memories of Old Nauvoo, from Joseph Smith III’s memoirs, 44 pages, $3.50

Nauvoo—After the Exodus, from Joseph Smith III’s memoirs, 36 pages, $3.50

School Days in Old Nauvoo, from Joseph Smith III’s memoirs, 32 pages, $3.00

Spiritual Experiences Told to Zion’s Leaguers, by J. A. Holsworth, 32 pages, $3.00

Tribute to Emma, A, by Mark H. Forscutt, “Commemorative Discourse,” 40 pages $3.50

Visits to Old Nauvoo, testimonies of three visitors, 28 pages, $3.00

Voice of Youth, The, 93 testimonies by and about teens, 224 pages, $5.00

Witnessing Weekend Manual, by Jack Basse and T. Ed Barlow, 36 pages, $3.50