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Now available from Cumorah Books, Inc.:
The Holy Scriptures, Restoration Scriptures Edition

You will find several great features in this new edition of the “Three-in-One”:

   A large page size with clear type and wide margins.

   Presentation and family history pages.

   Pages with familiar verses and suggestions on where to find important doctrinal


   Prefaces with samples of corrections printed in this edition.

   Bold references at the tops of pages to aid in finding your place.

   Headings for all chapters in the Inspired Version and Book of Mormon.

   Historical and context headings for all sections in the Doctrine and Covenants.

   Charts and lists following the Scripture text:

               Inspired Version—Historical Events, Life of Christ, New Testament Parables.

               Book of Mormon—Chronology and Teachings, Verse Number Comparison.

               Doctrine and Covenants—Events in Church History, Section Description.

   A new “selected concordance” for each of the Three Books.

This book is heavy, about 4½ pounds.  Carrying it in a cover or bag will protect it for years of service.

Be aware that some markers may bleed through the paper.  But many good markers and colored pencils are available that will not bleed.

Copies of this first printing of

The Holy Scriptures,

Restoration Scriptures Edition,

are available at $80.00 per book

(plus shipping or delivery) while supplies last.

1 or 2 books will ship for $13.45;
3 or 4 books will ship for $26.90 via Priority Mail
Note that if you order 1 or 3 books, an extra book will ship
without an additional fee for postage.

To order, send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address,
along with your check for payment to Cumorah Books, Inc.
PO Box 2257, Independence, MO 64055.

Phone (816) 210-8450 for information or to request
home delivery in the Independence, Missouri, area.