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This is one of the "Three Standard Books" of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is also known as the "Holy Scriptures" and the "Joseph Smith Translation" or "JST" (mostly by members of the LDS Church). Until rather recently the title page included the words, "Corrected by the Spirit of Revelation by Joseph Smith, Jr."

Joseph Smith worked on the Inspired Version in Ohio; Emma Smith and others protected the manuscript for the work for years before turning it over to the Reorganized Church for publication in 1867.

This book is based on the King James Version; it contains the Old Testament (less the Song of Solomon) and the New Testament. But it is an entirely different version of the Bible because it contains many changes, especially in the book of Genesis and the New Testament.

The book is produced with hardback, paper, and leather covers, and in a large-print edition.