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Adventuring for Jesus, 1955, hard
Anway, Joseph and Carol, Adventures in a New Land, 1987, soft
Baker, Robert, RLDS New Age Theology Exposed, 1986, soft
Barlow, T. Ed, Living Saints Witness at Work, 1976, hard
Barrington, George, God Will Not Let Me Go, 1977, soft
Black, Lea Vail, Wings of Worship (Plays), 1968, hard
Book of Testimonies, A, Long Beach Congregation, 1989, soft
Boyd, Theo E., Poetic Reflections from the Dust, 1979, hard
Braby, Carol, Heritage and Hope, 1984, soft
Bradley, Ruth O., Great Themes from the Book of Mormon, 1974, hard
Brockway, Edith, The Golden Land, 1968, hard
Buck, Clifford, The Greatest of These, 1966, hard
Butterworth, Vida, Girls in White, soft
Carter, Mary Leland, An Instrument in His Hands, 1968 reprint of The Two Story Book (also includes The Minister Who Was Different by Elbert A. Smith), soft
Cheville, Roy A., By What Authority, 1959, hard
Cheville, Roy A., Did the Light Go Out? 1962, hard and soft
Cheville, Roy A., Expectations for Endowed Living, 1972, hard
Cheville, Roy A., Humor in Gospel Living, 1978, soft
Cheville, Roy A., Meet Them in the Scriptures, 1960, hard and soft Cheville, Roy A., Scriptures from Ancient America, 1964, hard and soft
Cheville, Roy A., Spirituality in the Space Age, 1962, hard
Cheville, Roy A., Ten Considerations for Family Living, 1958, soft
Cheville, Roy A., They Made a Difference, 1970, hard and soft
Cheville, Roy A., Through the West Door (Graceland College), 1946, hard
Cheville, Roy A., When Teen agers Talk Theology, 1968, hard
Cheville, Roy A., When They Seek Counsel, 1954, soft
Church and Evangelism, The, 1941, hard
Church, Olive, A Time of Rebellion, 1968, hard
Cole, Clifford A., Faith for New Frontiers, 1956, hard and soft
Cole, Clifford A., The Prophets Speak, 1954, hard
Collins, Barbara Lee and Hale, A New Concordance of the D and C, 1992, soft
Conduff, Sara, Because He Cares, 1988, soft
Cornish, John J., Into the Latter Day Light, mimeo only
Decade of the Best, A, (1961 1970 Saints' Herald articles), 1972, hard
DeLapp, G. Leslie, In the World..., 1973, hard
Dempsey, Elbert A., Jr., Untangling Our Faith, 1993, soft
Dempsey, Elbert A., Jr., Adventuring with God, 1985, soft
Doty, Harry L., Prayer Meetings, 1979, soft
Draper, Maurice L., Credo "I Believe," 1983, soft
Draper, Maurice L., Footnotes, 1996, soft
Draper, Maurice, Marriage in the Restoration, 1968, hard
Draper, Maurice, Methods of Evangelism, 1953, soft
Draper, Maurice, The Founding Prophet, 1991, soft
Draper, Maurice, Why I Belong, 1958, hard and soft
Edwards, Deane Butler, All Children Are Mine, 1964, hard and soft
Edwards, F. Henry, All Thy Mercies, 1962, hard
Edwards, F. Henry, Authority and Spiritual Power, 1956, hard
Edwards, F. Henry, God Our Help, 1943, hard and soft
Edwards, F. Henry, The Joy in Creation and Judgment, 1975, hard
Edwards, Paul M., Inquiring Faith, 1967, hard
Edwards, Paul M., The Elder: Minister of Mission, 1997, soft
Edwards, Paul M., The Hilltop Where (Graceland College), 1972, hard
Elser, Otto H. (Ed.), The Ministry of Health & Healing, 1986, soft
Ettinger, Cecil R., Congregational Readings, 1975, hard
Ettinger, Cecil R., Thy Kingdom Come, 1965, hard and soft
Exploring the Faith, 1970, hard and soft
Fry, Evan A., Unto All Men, 1959, hard
Galbraith, Madelyn, There Is a Book, 1971, hard
Gilberts, Helen, Sariah, 1970, hard and soft
Griffiths, Gomer T., The Interpreter, 1986 reprint, soft
Ham, Wayne, Enriching Your New Testament Studies, 1966, hard
Ham, Wayne, Man's Living Religions, 1966, hard and soft
Ham, Wayne, Publish Glad Tidings, 1970, hard
Hartman, Frances, Poetic Voices of the Restoration, 1961, hard
Hartshorn, Chris B., A Survey of the Doctrine and Covenants, 1962, hard and soft
Hartshorn, Chris B., Let Us Worship, 1946, hard
Hartshorn, Chris B., The Development of the Early Christian Church, 1967, hard
Hettrick, Ric and Marcia, From Among Men, 1976, hard
Higdon, Barbara McFarlane, Committed to Peace, 1994, soft
Higdon, Barbara McFarlane, Good News for Today, 1981, soft
Hinckley, Helen, Columbus: Explorer for Christ, 1977, hard
Holmes, Reed, The Patriarchs, 1978, soft
Howard, Richard P, Restoration Scriptures, 1969, hard
Hughes, Richard & Joe Serig, Evangelism, the Ministry of the Church, 1981, soft
Hunt, Larry E., F. M. Smith: Saint as Reformer (Volume 1), 1982, soft
Hunt, Larry E., F. M. Smith: Saint as Reformer (Volume 2), 1982, soft
Hurshman, Lloyd, William Dodds, David Chobar, Many Will Respond, 1988, soft
Jones, Irene, Know Your Scriptures, 1966, soft
Judd, Peter, The Sacraments, 1992, soft
Kelley, Edmund G., The Making of a Frontier Missionary, 1980, soft
Kelley, William H., Presidency and Priesthood, undated reprint, soft
Kirkendall, Norma Anne, Let's Do Something About Our Teaching, soft
Knisley, Alvin, Book of Mormon Dictionary, Mimeo reprint of 1945 book, soft
Kramer, Annando, From Now to Eternity, 1993, soft
Landon, Donald, To Be the Salt of the Earth, 1965, hard
Learning God's Way, 1964, hard
Linder, Ted, Ben Nelson: Defender of the Faithful, 1981, soft
Look Upward, 1988, Sionita School, soft
Lucero, Paul, In Search of the Eternal Christ, 1986, soft
Maples, Evelyn, Norman Learns about the Scriptures, 1961 and 1972, hard
Maples, Evelyn, That Ye Love, 1971, hard and soft
McKiernan, F. Mark, and Roger D. Launius, Missouri Folk Heroes of the 19th Century, soft
Mesle, C. Robert, Fire in My Bones, 1984, soft
Mesle, C. Robert, The Bible as Story and Struggle, 1989, soft
Mills, M. Morrie, In Times Like These, 1977, soft
Montgomery, Jo, To Serve with Love, 1974, hard
Moore, Bob, On Heresy, 1992, soft
Mortimore, Olive, Out of Abundance, 1971, hard
Mulliken, Frances Hartman, A Bite of Eve's Apple, 1982, soft
Newton, Marjorie, Hero or Traitor (Charles Wesley Wandell), 1992, soft
Nichols, Jeannette, Her Works Praise Her, 1967, hard
Oliver, Lucille, Celebrate Your Existence, 1971, soft
Parsons, A. H., Parsons' Text Book, 1971 reprint, soft
Parsons, Martha B., Pebbles in the Water, 1990, soft
Pratt, Parley P., A Voice of Warning and Instruction to All People, 1948 and 1950, soft
Premoe, David, and Robert Kent, Witnessing: The Sharing of Our Lives, 1982, soft
Premoe, David, Zion: The Growing Symbol, 1980, soft
Preston, John, Peter Bosten, 1978 reprint of 1918 book, soft
Price, Richard & Pamela, Action Time, 1985, soft
Price, Richard, The Saints at the Crossroads, 1974, soft
Reece, Colleen L., Sanctuary, 1983, soft
Reece, Colleen L., The Other Nine, 1981, soft
Reece, Colleen L., The Unknown Witnesses, 1974, hard
Reece, Colleen L., The Ninety and Nine, 1984, soft
Restoration in the Midst of Revolution, The, (University Bulletin), 1968, soft
Revell, Roger A., Hymns in Worship, 1981, soft
Ritchie, Malcolm L., Roy Cheville The Graceland Years, 1995, Graceland College, soft
Robison, Pamela Lents, Alma, 1985, soft
Ruoff, Norman D., (Comp.), Yearbook of Testimony (Volumes 1 5), 1974 1979, hard
Ruoff, Norman D., (Ed.), Witness to the World (Testimonies from Restoration Witness), 1967, hard
Ruoff, Norman D., (Ed.), Evan Fry Illustrations from Radio Sermons, 1975, hard
Ruoff, Norman D., comp., Testimonies of the Restoration, 1971, hard
Russell, Naomi, Light from the Valley, 1979, soft
Russell, William D., The Word Became Flesh, 1967, hard
Russell, William, Treasures in Earthen Vessels, hard and soft, 1966
Salyards, Christiana, The Enduring Word, 1970 reprint, soft
Sanford, Mabel A., Joseph's City Beautiful, 1976, soft
Sarre, Winifred Turner, If With All Your Heart, 1969, hard
Schneebeck, Harold N., Jr., The Body of Christ, 1968, hard
Shank, Frank R., Keep All My Commandments, 1980, soft
Shields, Steven L., Latter Day Saint Beliefs, 1986, soft
Short, Viola, The Fourth Relaford, 1976 reprint of 1928 book, soft
Shute, Dr. Wallace Beresford, Christus (A Play), 1971, hard
Simmons, Florence Whipple, The Boundless Quest, 1962, hard
Slauter, J. Edward, The Brass Plates, 1993, soft
Smidt, Christine, An Acquaintance with Grief, 1977, hard
Smith, Elbert A., Angel Message Tracts, reprint, soft
Smith, Elbert A., Joe Pine, 1971 reprint, soft
Smith, Elbert A., Square Blocks, 1968 reprint, soft
Smith, Frederick M., The Higher Powers of Man, 1968 reprint of 1918 book, soft
Smith, Lucy Mack, Joseph Smith and His Progenitors, 1969 reprint of 1912 book, soft
Sparkes, Vernon M., The Theological Enterprise, 1969, hard and soft
Spencer, Geoffrey F., A Brightness of Hope, 1996, soft
Spencer, Geoffrey F., Clifford A. Cole, 1999, soft
Spencer, Geoffrey F., Strangers and Pilgrims, 1984, soft
Spencer, Geoffrey F., The Promise of Healing, 1993, soft
Starks, Arthur, A Concordance to the Book of Mormon, 1955, hard
Starks, Arthur, A Concordance to the Doctrine and Covenants, 1961, hard
Starks, Arthur E., Concordance Supplement for the Inspired Version, 1962, hard
Stevens, Thelona D., A Summary of the Book of Mormon, 1984, soft
Stevens, Thelona D., God's Great Gathering, 1988, FRAA, soft
Stevens, Thelona D., Living Water, 1989, soft
Stevens, Thelona D., Nephi, Son of Lehi, 1986, FRAA, soft
Stevens, Thelona D., The Book of Remembrance, the Brass Plates and the Inspired Version, 1987, soft
Stienon, Elaine, Lightning in the Fog, 1977, hard
Stienon, Elaine, The Light of the Morning, 1988, soft
Stienon, Elaine, Utah Spring, 1979, soft
Storehouse Principle and Its Implementation in the Stakes of Zion, The, 1971, soft
Strand, Ruby, Ninety Years Remembering, 1992, soft
Taylor, Debbie, Lehi Obeys God’s Command, 1989, soft
Thomsen, Blaine C., The Ammonite, 1979, soft
Tickemyer, Garland E., Story Illustrations for Church and Home, 1961, hard
Townsend, Elsie, Always the Frontier, 1972, hard
Townsend, Janice, Joy before Us, 1982, soft
Troeh, M. Richard & Marjorie, The Conferring Church, 1987, soft
Twelve Sermons (by the Council of Twelve Apostles), 1972, hard
Tyree, Alan D., Evan Fry: Proclaimer of Good News, 1995, soft
Updike, L. Wayne, Ministry to the Bereaved, 1973, soft
Updike, L. Wayne, The Trematode Letters, 1977, soft
Updike, L. Wayne, Worth More Than Sparrows, 2001, soft
Walker, Marietta ("Frances"), With the Church in an Early Day, 1971 reprint of 1912 book, soft
Weddle, Franklin, How to Use the Hymnal, 1956, hard
Weldon, Roy E., and F. Edward Butterworth, Book of Mormon Claims and Evidences (Vol 1 ONLY), 1979, soft
Weldon, Roy E., Criticisms of the Book of Mormon Answered, 1973, soft
Weldon, Roy E., Nephite Proverbs, 1989, soft
Weldon, Roy E., Other Sheep, 1955 and 1958, soft
Weldon, Roy E., Restoration Witnesses, undated, soft
Weldon, Roy E., Tantalizing Glimpses—Faint Whispers, 1991, soft
Weldon, Roy E., The Nephite Prophets Speak to Our Day, 1970, soft
Weldon, Roy E., The Book of Mormon Evidences Joseph Smith a Prophet, 1970, soft
Weldon, Roy E., The Book of Mormon Story in Pictures, 1968, soft
Weldon, Roy E., The Bible Points to the Book of Mormon and the New World, 1969, soft
Wellington, Paul A., ed., Challenges to Kingdom Building, 1968, hard
Wellington, Paul A., ed., Readings on Concepts of Zion, 1973, hard and soft
Who's Who in Service, 1977, hard
Wight, Maxine C., A Story about Light, 1979, hard
Wilkinson, Dorcas and Larry, Gifts from Korea, 1983, soft
Wrigley, Louise Scott, A Woman Searches, 1966, hard
Wrigley, Louise Scott, Look Up Heart, 1962, hard
Wrigley, Louise Scott, Pocketful of Sun, 1969, hard
Wrigley, Louise Scott, Stand Tall, 1961, hard
Wrigley, Louise Scott, Your Right to Radiance, 1961, hard
Wyatt, Geraldine, Dawn of Peace, 1940, hard
Yale, Alfred H., My Friend Paul, 1986, soft
Yarrington, Roger, Restoration Ethics Today, 1963, hard and soft
Yarrington, Roger, The Auditorium, 1962, hard