Half-Price RLDS Books for January, 2021

Half-Price RLDS Books for January, 2021
This month our sale features used books by selected authors.
All books by the following are half price through January 30, 2021:
Brown, R
Cheville, RA
Dempsey, EA
Edwards, FH
Ham, W
Henderson, J
History of RLDS (All blue but non-matching books)
Howard, RP
Mulliken, FH
Pratt, PP
Ruoff, ND
Shaw, M
Shute, WB
Smith, FM
Smith, LM
Spencer , GF
Starks, AE
Stevens, TD
Stienon, E
Taylor, BM
Tracey, F
Weldon, RE
Yarrington. R
Go to RLDSBOOKS.BLOGSPOT.COM for information and regular prices of these books.
To order, e-mail to PaulVLudy@gmail.com or phone 816 210-8450. I will ship with an invoice and envelope for your payment.
I also deliver in the Independence, MO, area for only $2.00 per order.
Our 10% and 20% discounts for 10 books and 20 books purchased continue in 2021, but discounts do not apply on sale items.