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6 Books That Most Saints Don’t Know Exist—Part 3
• Boyd, Theo E., Poetic Reflections from the Dust, 1979, hard, 126 pages $5.00
Poetic statements from each of the books of the Book of Mormon. These are not la-di-da poems in rhyme but quotations from the ancient American Scriptures that have lyrical qualities about them.
• Cheville, Roy A., Joseph and Emma, Companions, 1977, hard, 206 pages $10.00
This is a study of a relationship that was faced with unusual demands. It is not a romantic novel. It is about faith and love for God and one’s companion. The book traces their lives apart and together. One chapter is “Monogamy vs. Polygamy.” The book ends with a list of 100 events in the background and lives of Joseph and Emma Smith.
• Fountain, Janice Norris, Where Is the Promise of His Coming? (Book 2‑‑The Feast Days of Israel), 1995, soft, 344 pages $10.00
This is an enlarged and expanded book based on Jan Fountain’s 1991 book with the same title. [Which is available for $5.00.] This book contains evidence that Jesus Christ is the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews. They had been rehearsing His coming for centuries through their feasts. The first four feasts were prophecies fulfilled by Christ’s first appearance. His second coming should follow the pattern of the last three feasts.
• Garnier, Jack W., Images & Impressions, 1988, hard, 64 8.5x11" pages $10.00
An artist for the RLDS Church for several decades, Jack Garnier has produced a book of art showing several of the familiar events and places relating to the Restoration. There are 31 full-color paintings, plus many sketches and scenes in black and white.
• Henderson, John and Lilli, Keys to the Hidden Mysteries, 1992, private, soft, 414 pages $12.00
Because the clear and simple gospel of Jesus Christ has been twisted and distorted, mankind has found it difficult to understand and apply it to life. Using the Bible and Book of Mormon, this book can help readers find the keys to the mysteries of life, death, and life beyond death. [Note: This is the first of a series of five books by the authors.]
• Howard, Richard P, Restoration Scriptures, 1969, hard, 278 pages $5.00
This is a study of the development of the Book of Mormon, Inspired Version of the Bible, and Book of Doctrine and Covenants. It traces the original manuscript materials and the historical context in which they became the Scriptures that we use today.
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